Building a Career As A Web Designer

With the advancement of the World Wide Web across the world, web designing has become a growing industry with a lot of experts in it. Websites have become a way of sharing thoughts, contacting friends, gaining knowledge and shopping. Everything has a website and everything needs a website. The creators of such websites are web designers. They give a lively scene of the user interface which we see on a website. This is a way of communication to the user. The way the site is designed speaks more than the content that is written in them.


Choosing a career in web design is a wise decision for those who have a creative mind. This industry is one of the fast growing industries and has a lot of demand. Not only local clients, but there are also opportunities available from foreign clients for developing websites. A website designer you can be working for a company or a freelancer. But how to get started without spending a long time working two jobs, using payday loans, or surviving on a diet of Top Ramen?


There are many institutes offering certificate, diploma and degree courses in web designing. These institutes are spread over the country and offer courses at affordable prices. They offer short, medium as well as long-term courses for web designing and even provide placement assistance. Many students start working while studying and can start earning while they are learning. Duration of these courses varies from 1yr to 2yrs. Web designers are just required to focus on the layout and designing graphics. A designer should be creative, artistic, must have deep knowledge of the color scheme and must possess a degree or diploma in visual arts and design. If you are a computer science graduate it acts as an added advantage to your career.


Web designing companies offer services related to designing the website. They may also develop websites using the coding languages. Designing and developing are not the same, but both are essential in creating a website. Web designing is the user interface part of the website, which includes the layout for pages, navigation, etc. The web developers write the coding to bring the layout designed by the Web Designer.


In the process of web development, the client specifies their need. Then the part of the website designer starts. He or she decides how the information is going to be displayed o the site. It is their part to decide on the titles, the style in which it is going to be written, the font, the size and the images that are going to be used and importantly where to place them. For this, they need to have knowledge on fundamentals of designing and good graphic knowledge. Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, dream viewer are good software to do designing work. It is also necessary to know the basics of HTML, CSS, etc.


There is also scope for a freelance website designer. It’s a career with a lot of competition. It is good to start with designing an own site and display the talent. Building portfolios and showcasing them are important ways to attract a good clientele. It is the way how the designers present themselves that decides the success in this field. As it is a place for a lot of creativity, it should be expressed right from approaching the client.


Web designing is an interesting career and a field where there is scope for a lot of growth. This requires creativity paired with a business mindset. With experience in this field, the designers can improve their brand image which will fetch them a career satisfaction and also good remuneration.


Here to show us more about what a day in the life of a web designer is like, please enjoy the following video!



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