Best Web Design Platforms

Owning and operating a website is an essential requirement in the modern world. Fortunately, there are a growing number of tools that are dedicated to this exact process. In fact, with the right tool, creating and maintaining a website can be exceedingly easy and effective. For this purpose, a number of excellent design platforms have arisen in the previous period, all with a slightly different offer. Here is the breakdown of the best web design platforms for anyone looking to make a website.


This service is ideal for small businesses and anyone else who simply desires to reach their potential customers. Wix provides a high level of customization, an excellent eCommerce platform that can be used for selling things online and a huge range of prefabricated templates for any easy setup. The user interface is mostly built around the drag and drop approach, meaning that the process is intuitive and simple to understand. Currently, its user base stands at about 63 million and the basic plans are free, while more advanced ones come with a monthly subscription.


Weebly is probably most famous as the best alternative for a dedicated eCommerce website solution. While its user interface and design approach are a bit less intuitive than that of Wix, any business that needs an online sales platform is usually willing to learn its approach. Their basic business plan comes as a paid monthly subscription but allows for a development that will result in a professional online store with all the necessary features. The biggest Weebly drawback is the relatively low number of themes on offer, which currently cover about 30 possibilities.


Currently, SiteBuilder is known as a web design platform that is simplest and probably most intuitive out of all alternatives on the offer. With it, only the most basic knowledge of computer use is needed and practically no additional skills or experience is required. It has everything a small business like a Landscaping company needs, including a basic setup for an eCommerce store and plenty of pre-made website designs and templates. The service offers a package that covers a domain name with their basic paid plan which, at the same time, unlocks all SiteBuilder features.


Ideal for any creative business or individuals who want to present their portfolio to the world, SquareSpace is a very visually-oriented platform. Its products are very suitable for large format images, along with a simple design that only further enhances the visual experience. Because of this, anyone who has a lot of photos, drawings, illustrations, 3D renders or any other visual material often chooses to go for this as their top pick out of all the web design platforms. It provides several paid plans for its users, but also comes with a free trial that lasts two weeks.


WordPress represents a CMS, which stands for Content Management System, which might sound technical, but it is actually the best all-around option on the market of design platforms. Used frequently by beginners, professionals and everyone in-between, WordPress can basically do it all. Currently, over a quarter of all websites in the world are built with it and it provides so many features and options that it can do any type job equally successfully.

With these best web design platforms, anyone will be able to create their ideal website in a fast, easy and affordable manner.